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DIPDuinos now available for purchase

Amazing news! Small batch of DIPDuinos now for SALE! You can buy your own DIPDuino for only $69.95.

If your are interested, please contact me via Contact Form on this website to discuss payment ad shipment options.


HURRY UP! Quantity is limited!

( ! ) 30 Days Money Back Guaranty.
( ! ) 90 Days free replacement and upgrades.

What do you have in DIPDuino

I have an idea to sell small quantity of DIPDuino’s to interested hobbyists. So, the question is - what will be the reasonable price for DIPDunio? Yes, it is quite expensive to make because of 4-layers PCB and components on both sides, howeverone DIPDuino is capable to replace and Arduino equipped with some of very popular shields, all without need for stacking boards one of top of another. In fact DIPDuino is amazingly compact package.

So, lets calculate:

Your total budget for DIPDuino-like system will be $78.39. This does not include DIPDuino’s SRAM chip and you will probably use some pins of your Arduino Mini Pro to interface with modules listed above.

In my opinion the reasonable price of DIPduino should be around $70. What do you think? Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help me to develop the project in the right direction

Pure Atmel AVR core with all peripheral hardware (OLED display, SD card, ZigBee etc.) ready to take control over your hardware. It must be programmed with JTAG (JATGICE3 recommended). I am using Atmel Studio for development, and IMHO this the best option. There is no bootloader in DIP-CORE.
It is available right now. Do you want to have one? Please contact me through contact page on this website.

This is DIP-CORE with Arduino bootloader. You can write your programs in Arduino IDE.
I am working hard evenings and weekends to make it happen soon. If you have your own DIP-Core than you can help me.

You can develop your code in Atmel Studio or any other IDE of your choice, write it on SD card and DIP-BOOT will execute it. The code must be compiled and converted to BIN format. You do not need any debuggers or cables. Really easy to use on the go. There is no limit on complexity of your code. In addition, there is no need to keep SD card inserted into the controller. DIP-BOOT will write your firmware to EEPROM and next time, if SD card is not present, your program will be executed directly from memory.
This device can be available quite soon. You can help me with this.

As easy as it can be – open notepad, write your firmware in BASIC, save it to SD card, insert into DIP, have fun! No need to have programmers, debuggers, cables, compilers, IDE software. BASIC code can be written with any text editor including one on your smartphone.